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Muji Goodie! Cleansing Oil for Non-sensitive skin

I've been trying out some Muji Skincare products lately and I must say I'm impressed. Muji is famous for it's chic and simple containers but guess what? It makes great cleansing oil too!

My DHC cleansing oil was running out so I was looking for a new one. Cleansing oil is a must-have for me. I use it for removing face makeup. I don't know what's up with my cheeks, but removing makeup with anything other than cleansing oil would make them feels rough and flakey. And I've been using this oil for a while and so far so good. I've been experiencing no breakouts, no rough flakey cheeks. Yeah!

The best part? This Muji cleansing oil is super affordable. I got it for HKD128( roughly equals to USD16.5), and it's 400 ml. Good deal! Will I be repurchasing this? Most likely!

Lancome lady not Lancome quality
A few weeks ago, I swung into a Lancome Boutique. And I was shocked.

First, let me confess that I might be subjective, because the only 2 Lancome products I own(a eyeliner and a mascara) disappointed me, so I'm not a fan at all.

So here the story goes...

I'm in Hong Kong where the majority speaks Cantonese and I do too. But the thing is, I'm addicted to Youtube beauty videos, that means I know the product names in English backwards but not really so in Cantonese. So when I was in the Boutique, I asked a Lancome girl for a undereye concealer.

And I said(the underlined parts are in Cantonese), Do you have any undereye concealer?
And she was like, what are you looking for?
For where?

Seriously?! I was shocked by how unprofessional the Lancome girls were. I don't expect them to excel in English, but you work for Lancome, I do expect you to know the product names or categories!

Then she gave me a pen-style concealer, I tried it on the back of my hand. It looked okay. So I asked can I try it onto my face. And here comes another shocking part.

She simply told me, No, you can't. If you wanna try it on face, you need to pay HKD500 and an artist would help you try anyything you want.

Am I the only one who think that's ridiculous?! Why on earth would I wanna spend HKD500, that is roughly USD62, to try out products? Especially when my favorite brand MAC has artists helping customers try out whatever they want for free! 

So Lancome took me by surprise, I simply can't care for this brand anymore.

Skinfood, not that delicious!

I have horrible undereye circle and after reading quite a few fabulous reviews on the Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream, I decided to give it a try.

How disappointed was I!

Like the names, the concealer is a salmon color, the concept is kinda like the Bobbi Brown corrector. And the texture is indeed very thick creamy. This undereye concealer is quite pigmented, helps conceal my undereye area. But the color payoff is a bit awakward. It looks like I'm trying very hard to conceal my undereye area. Just because I'm trying very hard, doesn't mean I want it to be that obvious so everyone knows I'm trying hard. Also, the color is not very buildable. Once you apply a bit too much, it looks like you have too much concealer under your eyes. Not exactly pretty. It looks very thick and tacky.

The texture is indeed creamy, but in a bad way. I don't feel it moisturizing my skin. Meanwhile, it smudges my mascara. 

Longevity for this concealer is what I complain the most. It starts fading obviously in an hour. This is utterly unacceptable! 

The packaging is cute but bulky. I liked it at first, because the jar is so old-fashioned and just so lovely. But after I brought it out with me for touch-ups a few times, I realize the packaging is really stupid. It takes up too much room in my makeup bag. Moreover, it doesn't come with mirror or anything. So when you are touching up, you either lean very close to the toilet mirror or in my case, hold the jar, the lid and a mirror in one hand and touch up with another. That is not convenient at all! 

I don't like the price either. It was HKD155, almost USD20. Ain't cheap! And the quality of the product is really just average or below average, so I felt like it was a wrong splurge of money. What bugs me the most is that after I spent so much on it, I discovered that I can almost get 50% on all Skinfood product if I bought it in Sasa, Bonjour or Colormix(all local beauty supplies stores), I felt like I was tricked. 

In terms of shopping experience, I hate the in-store selling style. The lady was trying to sell me the entire store! She just kept on picking up whatever product at hand and tell me it works fabulous and I should really give it a shot. She wouldn't stop even after I tried to be nice and told her no, I'm not looking to get anything else. It seemed that she thought she might be able to push me into buying more products if she push harder. That really annoys me.

Would I recommend this product to anyone? NO!

I'll try upload some pics later. I have them in another computer.

3 Beauty rules/tips I swear by!
You know how they always say that rules are meant to be broken, well, not these, at least not for me. These 3 beauty rules are rules that I'll never ever stop following. 
1. Always always always wear lip balm underneath lipstick/gloss...
This is kinda like a no-brainer. But we all get lazy, or forgetful. Sometime you just feel like you don't wanna bother with lip balms or you forget to apply it before you do the makeup and by the time you reach the lip part, you are just like, ugh, whatever! then go straight to lipstick/gloss. Well, that's bad bad bad. Your lipstick would dry you out, leaving your lips looking flaky and dehydrated which is horrible. Seriously, there're no moisturizing lipsticks(at least I haven't come across one). The most moisturizing lipsticks I've tried can only go on a day without dry my lips out when I've already have a lip balm underneath. So I always keep a lip balm handy in my pocket or touch-up makeup bag. Because applying your lip balm just once in the morning is not enough, you'll still need it when you touch up your lips. 
2. Don't ever sleep with your makeup on.
Well, the sleep here refers to all-night-long sleep, naps don't count. My makeup always feel kinda funny after a day. They may still look very polished, but I feel like the pores on my faces are enlarging themselves and trying to absorb the makeup in. This is not my favorite makeup moment at all. So imagine how worse it'll get after a night? Makes my skin crawl! So no matter how tired I feel after I get home from a long day, how bad I just wanna hit the bed, I'd still make sure I've removed all my makeup. 
3. Skincare always comes first
And this comes from someone who spend a lot more on makeup than skincare. You don't necessarily need the most expensive moisturizer, cleanser, toner in the world(but you do need good foundation which is usually expensive), but you still need to have them in your beauty routine. Your makeup would never look good on uncleansed, unmoisturized face. So I'd always stick to my most basic skincare routine, which includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing, weekly stubs and occasional masks.
I hope these beauty rules can be helpful to some of you!

Look of today:2012-01-14

The first look of today post ever!

Here's the product I used today to create a look for my mom. If look of today is supposed to be about my look, sorry then. I'm staying today, so I didn't put on any makeup. Instead, I seized the chance when my mom was going out to run errands, I literally forced her to sit down and let me have some fun.

Product used:

elf Powder Brush * 2
La Jour Foundation Brush
ecoTools kabuki brush and eye shadow blending brush from the 5 pieces travel kit
Sephora eye shadow brush from travel kit

MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 (funny how my mom and I share the same shade!)
Neutrogena Moisture SPF25
Maybelline Pure Mineral Loose Powder(forgot to photograph it here:P)
BeneFit Hoola
BeneFit Bella Bamba

LaNa CaNE eyeliner eye brow pencil
VOV Color Song Skin Cover Pencil in Light Beige
L'Oreal Color infallible eye shadow in 004 Forever Pink

EOS lip balm lemon drop
CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Rush
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Nude Lustre

Wow, now that I list everything out, it looks a lot!

I always apply lip balm (10) before I do anything so that there's time for it to moisturize the lips when I do the face and eyes. I always leave the lips at the last step. When rushing, do the lips on-the-go.

I mix the (1) and (11) at a ratio of 1:3, so that the coverage is lighter, to have a more tinted moisturizer effect. I use (3) to mix them up and apply them onto the face. People often complains that foundation brushes are no good, there're streak marks when using them. And they prefer using a fluffy brush(eg. MAC 187, elf powder brush...) But for me, I like using the traditional brush simply because they are easier to clean and dry faster than fluffy brushes. And yes, there are streak marks. But I just use the kabuki brush (4) to smooth it all out and then dust loose powder.

Then I use (2) to apply blush(8) and bronzer(9). I use the shorter one for bronzer and longer one for blush because (9) is a matte bronzer and (8) is very shimmery. Best if I use separate brushes.

For brows, I use (13) to darken the eye brows and (15) to high light the brow bone. (13) is my best-buy ever, it's the best eye brow pencil I've ever used and cost only HKD5(less than USD1)!!! (15) is originally a concealer pencil I got it in August 2010. It does conceal my dark circles well, but the magic fades within 5 minutes. So I totally threw it somewhere deep inside my drawer and totally forgot about it until recently I clean my drawer and was surprised that I even have this useless thing. I almost threw it into the rubbish bin but then I thought maybe it could be a good highlighter for brow bones. Turned out, it does a great job for that! I'm glad I didn't throw it away. It blends easily btw. 

For eyes, I used (5) for a all-over lid color. (5) is a very shimmery pink eye shadow, gorgeous color. I just use my finger to dab it onto the eye lids and blend it out a bit. Not that I want to use my finger, it was because I couldn't use a brush to pick up the color! Weird!. (5) to me is kinda like a loose eye shadow pressed together. It's kinda messy to use but for that gorgeous outcome, it totally worths my effort. Then I use (14) to apply some (7) for the outer-V. I think this H&M eye shadow palette is pretty decent. I got it for HKD79(USD 10), and there're 32 color. However the it's not very long lasting, but still, nothing beats that price!

By now, the lips should be moisturized enough for some lip color. I use (6) for a all-over lip color, then I put some (12) on the center of the lips for a glossy effect. 


I watched The Bridge of the Madison County last night. Gosh I hate this movie!!!! It's literally pepper spray for my eyes!

The first time I watched it was a year and a half ago, I started crying at the scene when Clint Eastwood stood there in the rain and Meryl Streep was stunned in the car. It's the best movie I've ever watched, no one-of-, simply the best. I totally love it, but I can't watch it over and over again because it puts me in such a sad, gloomy mood.

So last night, a year and a half after I watched it for the first time, I decided to watch it again. I was naive to think that I had the courage. The truth was, I cried even worse than the last time. I cried a bit when Meryl was on the phone and Clint was in her dinning room for the second night. Then I stopped. Then I continued crying when they were having an argument on the morning after, and from there on, I cried continuously. Nothing I can do about it, I was literally trembling!

I'm glad that I didn't get the chance to watch it in the cinema( I wasn't even born at that time!), or else, I'd look like, "check that poor girl, her boyfriend dumped her halfway through the movie?" I cried that hard! It's totally insane!

(look at that muscle! so manly!)

And Clint Eastwood was soooooo hooooot! I could totally understand why Meryl fell for him. I mean, he was like what? sixty-something? Still, I think he's the hottest guy on earth, even hotter than Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman... He's like this ultimate hottest man since human history. I love him, great director, great actor. Letters From Iwo Jima was awesome too. 

watching this scene was like having 2 pepper spray spraying to my eyes.

I think Meryl looks gorgeous in this outfit!

I think I'm gonna be very sad for the next couple of days just because I watched this movie again(stupid Emma! STUPID!). My eyes hurts today and they were swollen when I waked up this morning.

Finally, you've arrived!!!

I've always wanted to put my hands on some BeneFit powders. They have the cutest package in the world and their products are highly raved online too. So about a month ago, I asked my friend in states to get me some. Not that BeneFit is not available here in Hong Kong, just that the prices are way too ridiculous. I mean, for the money  for 2 boxes here in HK, I can get 3 in US. So my friend's done me a huge favor. What's more? I asked him to get me a couple of elf brushes and CoverGirl lipsticks as these two brands are actually not yet available in Hong Kong or Mainland China. I'm just so grateful for his effort, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

As you can see, I asked him to get me a Hoola, Bella Bamba, Coralista. I originally asked him to get me a POWder WOWza, but it's sold out and so he got me these instead. I also got a sample size BAD gal lash as a gift with purchase. I'm a little disappointed that BeneFit cut down that much on the sizes. They used to be 11-12g but now only 8g. So that's kinda sucks, even though I know  it'll take me ages to finish one box.

(sorry, I used a yellow lighting, so everything's a bit yellowish here)

This is a highly raved bronzer. I've been hearing people say how it's matte and great for contouring and stuff. But so far I haven't actually tried it out so I have nothing to say about its performance. One thing for sure, the powder is not very pressed(? any word suggestion?). I swiped my brush once on this bronzer and those "powdery balls(I'm not sure what that's called)", you know, like loose powders.I'm sure mine is not the only one because I played a little bit with it the other day in a BeneFit boutique and that one was just the same.

(haha I changed the lighting~)

(as you can see, the new package comes with a too-small-to-be-useful mirror, I would rather not have the mirror but more grams of powder.)

The second powder I got is Bella Bamba. Again, haven't tried it out myself, have no opinions yet. But this one doesn't come in all powdery and stuff. It's pressed pretty well. 

(judging from the swatches online and what it looks like in the box, it should be a shimmery pink color)

I love the graphic design of this box, it's just so gorgeous. Again, haven't tried it yet and well-pressed.

(as you can see, this one is more coral-toned and it's very shimmery too)
That's all for BeneFit. I splurged so much!!!

I got 4 brushes from elf, 2 eye shadow brush(white handle) from the essential line which are USD1 each and 2 powder brush(flat top) from the studio line(black handle) which USD3 each. Sorry, I forgot to photograph them.

The quality of the eye shadow brush is kinda average. One handle fell out while I was washing it for the first time and the it sheds pretty often. I don't mind the handle part though, I glued it back and it's looking fine, at least, so far it's looking fine. However the other one is doing well so far, tightly attached handle and no shedding. C'mon, for 1 dollar each, you can't ask for much! So I'm still pretty pleased by it.

Same thing happened to the Studio powder brush. One got a loose handle but the other one is fine. No shedding problem so far(It did lose 2 or 3 bristle while I was washing it, but that doesn't count, does it?) The bristles are very soft and densely packed. I'm waiting for it to dry, I can't wait to try them!

I also asked my friend(he's such a poor guy~) to get me a CoverGirl Lip Perfection in Rush(which I also forgot the photograph). I sort of tried it out today. It's very creamy and long lasting. I haven't really count the lasting hours yet but I'll keep you posted. For the color outcome, I think it's a bit red-toned than I would like. But after putting on a coat of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Nude Lustre which I hated( but I can't return any cosmetics in HK!), those 2 looks pretty good! And this gloss is not so sticky in texture and I'm loving it again. It's like I relive it. Haha~

So I guess this is a haul post? I'll try out the stuff that I bought and keep you posted asap!

Winter Skincare Routine
Hong Kong is such a damned place. I know, I shouldn't complain. It's natural-disater-free, no earthquakes, no tsunami, no volcano eruption, but the weather is just like a Thailand horror movie! Summer is way too hot and humid(above body temperature!) all the time. Then when winter waltz in, it's totally the opposite. 

When the weather became all cold and dry overnight, my skin cries. My lips became chapped and my face felt tightened up, I could even see those scary white patches on my legs telling me my legs are drying out. I knew I must take some actions. I hope it's not too late to share :D



I used my Neutorgena Moisture SPF 15  throughout the entire summer and fall and it was always up to the job. But now the relative humidity is like below 30% sometimes, it's just not moisturizing enough. I tried the Nivea Cream, sadly, not enough. Then I literally rolled a cotton ball soaked with baby oil all over my face, but after 2 hr or so, it's all dry again. I complained this to my friend Carmen, and she came to my rescue!

She suggested me to try out the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Emulsion and the Collagen by watsons. And I found my winter face solution! I'm so impressed by her suggestions. These are amazing products!

In mornings, I skip the facial cleansers and simply use some toner(I'm using the Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner btw, yes I love this brand!) to clean and moisturize my skin. My face is not yet dirty right after I get up so I find cleansers a bit unnecessary and time-consuming(you know how precious morning time is!) 

Then I put on a thick layer of the Collagen By Watsons Hydrating Facial Gel. It took me by surprise. Retailer brands usually sucks they have the reputation of direct copying someone else's formula and somehow come out with a terrible product and everyone would regret buying. But this one is quite amazing! It's very hydrating without making me feeling greasy. The product is very watery and it does have a scent, I'm not quite sure what it is. My nose is not good with recognizing scents but I kinda like what it smells like, fresh and clean. It's also very cheap. It was on sale and with Carmen's membership card, I got it around HK$60 (US$1=HK$7.8), usually it's like around HK$70. It's really not much compared to some crazy brands and you get a whopping amount of 100g. 

For some dryer mornings, I need something extra. That's when the Hydro Boost came to place. I put on a thin layer of it before the Collagen one. I think it's a bit pricey for HKD98 you only get 50g of product, so I use as little as possible every time. It does perform very well. Hydrating without being too greasy, it's actually oil-free. I love the package design, it's so modern and simple. It has a scent but it's so light that I didn't notice it until just now I took a big sniff at it, it's a bit like cough syrup to me.


I simply use some facial cleansers during showers( I've been Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser lately btw. It's so cheap and gentle!). Then I  put on a thick layer of Collagen By Watsons Hydrating Sleeping Mask. Another great product by Watson brand. Very hydrating without making me feeling greasy. It has an unidentified scent like the Facial Gel, clean and fresh. It's very light too. The price is just the same as the facial gel. When the weather is being crazily dry, I put on a thin layer of Hydro Boost just like day time. 


I can't stand chapped lips. Not only because they are not pretty but most importantly, I have the compulsive needs to bite the dead cells off! I just couldn't help but biting one side of my lips until it bleeds, then I bite the other sides. So it's vital that I keep my lips fully hydrated all the time. That's why I carry lip balms everywhere even in summers.

They are not dry at all in summers. I barely have to scrub them, maybe once a month mainly because I want to instead of I need to. But now I just have to scrub them about twice a week. I prefer using a towel to get the job done. It can remove all the flaky patches without causing any pain. I just put on a generous layer of petroleum jelly and after 5 minutes I rinse it all off with a towel. Then with a coat of lip balm, I'm all set. 

I find toothbrush not up to the task, it can't get anything off but still quite painful. Some suggested using a mascara wand but it's even worse. So far, I love towels the most.


I've using baby oil lately(again, it's a suggestion from Carmen, thx so much!) and I find it a great body moisturizer! They hydrate my body instantly and keep it hydrated throughout the day. And it's cheap, for HKD32 you get a whopping size of 500ml. I love love it. When I find it a bit too oily, I just use a towel to rinse away some excess oil.

Another looooooong post, sorry rambling is just part of my nature!

... Freshmen
This Freshmen is dedicated to you, C.

With so many brands and products out there, it might be difficult for anyone new to know where they should start at. After my aunt got me hooked on makeup for 1.25 years, I figure I might share my freshmen experience with you guys.

But bear in mind, I'm no expert( Jeez, I've only been hooked on for less than 1.5 years, how professional can you expect?). Sorry if this turn out to be the longest blog post you've ever read, I ramble a lot and I can't help myself.

After my aunt told me several times a little eye liner can make a huge difference, I gave it a go. I borrowed her eye liners, I was surprised by how a thin line can make my eyes look much better in everyday, bigger, brighter... Later that week, we went out to get me some liners and lip color too. Since then, I slowly become a makeup junkie. 

Looking back, I think that eye liners and lip color are great start for makeup. They are make great differences with only a bit of effort and money (I mean, these two are where I stick to drugstore brands to save money). 

Here're what I consider the most basic five for starters' makeup: eye liners, lipsticks/lip glosses/tinted lip balm, mascara, blush, concealer(you can skip this if you wear glasses and got a tight budget)

Eye liners:

For starters, I think pencil liners and liquid liners are great options. They are easier to control. Liquid liners are much easier to glide on than pencil ones, but they require a steadier hand or else, the line would look funny. Don't worry about raccoon eyes, just get a waterproof one(sometimes, even non-waterproof is sort of waterproof). I wouldn't suggest gel liners though. They are not wallet-friendly. It dries out too fast and needs a good quality liner brush($$) to get the job done.

Service life: It's usually stated on the package. But in case it's not, pencil liners can last a really long time, just sharpen it each time you use it to keep it hygienic. But liquid one, please, for your own sake, throw it away after 6 months. 

Recommendations: I love, love, love Revlon's ColorStay liners. Their pencil liners are easy to glide on and only smudge a little at the end of the day( amazingly, they are easy to smudge when you want them too). I haven't tried their liquid liners, but I did try their liquid liner pen though, which is awesome too. The marker-shape design makes it very user friendly. Again, they are super easy to glide on(even better than their pencil ones), and they are easy to control. What's more? These babies don't smudge, like even after 12 hours. I can't ask for more!

Lip color:

As for lip color, it really depends on you. If you want something shiny and more moisturizing, get lip glosses. But be aware, they can't actually moisturize your lips like a lip balm. If you can't stand the way how your hair stick onto your lips and want something less shiny, lipsticks would be great. Tinted lip balms are also great alternatives. They are very hydrating but usually do not offer a great color range.

Service life: Again, refer to the package. Just in case, lipsticks/lip balms usually last 3 years, lip glosses, 2 years. But there're debates about this. 

Recommendations: Again, I adore Revlon's products( Revlon did not pay me to say this!!!) The Revlon ColorBurst is awesome, both lipsticks(not drying) and lip glosses(not sticky, or at least, I can stand it without any problem). The line provide a good color range, you get different shades of pinks, reds,... I also love the packaging, it's so classic, and it's matte, no worries about annoying fingerprints on the tubes!

The Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Peach is my current favorite, it's so beautiful!

Despite how much I love the ColorBurst line, I find the Revlon Super Lustrous a huge disappointment. The lipsticks are super drying(it was summertime and it totally dried out my moisturized lips in just 2 hours!), the glosses are very sticky and thick. 

I bought the Mentholatum tinted lip balm in Kissy Pink a couple months ago, it's also my current fav. They are way cheaper than any Revlon lipsticks (only twenty-something HKD!) . But they only offer 6 colors.

don't trust my color! I'm having trouble with camera.
(Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss in 006 Strawberry, Revlon ColorBurst Lipsticks in 065 Rosy Nude and 075 Peach, Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 003 Mauve It Over and 630 Raisin Rage, Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in 040 Nude Lustre) 


They help making your eyes appear to be bigger and more defined. But it might be a little hard to use, you would easily brush some mascara onto your eye lids. Just use a q-tip loaded with eye makeup remover to wipe it. Also, good mascaras are not supposed to clump, looks flaky, fall off easily. But smudging is kind of a universal problem, except for some department store brands.

Service life: 6 months or before. Pretty much when you notice it starts to perform badly, like starts clumping... Or the change of smell, petroleum smell.

Recommendations: Honestly, I haven't come across a good drugstore mascara. What I have to say is, Revlon's mascara sucks. I do hear that Maybelline's Full n Soft and the Falsies are great, haven't tried them out myself though. 

For Hong Kong gals, go to Bonjour, they offer great brand name mascara at sample size with prices like a steal, eg. Estee Lauder Double Wear, Dior show... I got two Estee Lauder mascara for less than HKD50! And the quality is great!!!


It helps make you look more lively and healthy. But with tight budget, you can use a lipstick as a cream blush.

Service Life: For powder blush, usually 3 years. Cream blush, sorry, I don't know for sure.

Recommendations: I haven't come across a good drugstore blush either. I heard that the Maybelline Dream Mousse is good but damn, it's not available in HK! I own a L'Oreal True Match blush, but it's so not pigmented, I tried out the Revlon Powder Blush in stores, not pigmented.

For Hong Kong gals, again, go to Bonjour, they got some department store brand travel/sample palette, you can good blush and some eye shadow color as bonus!
the color is completely wrong! it's supposed to be pink instead of coral.


I got gigantic dark circle like a heroin addict due to I don't know, probably insufficient sleep. Concealer becomes a must in my routine. You don't necessarily need foundation if your skin doesn't have a lot of problems( one too many acne scar, dark spots, annoying freckles). You just need concealer for spot treatment.

Service Life: I say, 12 months.

Recommendations: Don't go for drugstore brand. They tend to oxidize after exposed to air and then, turn orange(yuck!). It's where you have no choice but to splurge. I got a MAC Select MoistureCover, but it's a bit sheer and doesn't cover well. I'll get a MAC Prolong Concealer when I'm done with this one, this one is highly raved. I swung by Skinfood yesterday but purchased their Salmon Concealer Cream, haven't tried it out, don't know the performance yet.

wrong color err...It's MoistureCover in NC20

The longest post of the year goes to ...(drum rolls...)... Freshmen by CemmaW!!! 
Sorry, I'm working on my rambling nature, but don't expect I'll change over night!

I hope this post will help you start (and get you hooked on). If you have any more questions, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.

Let's remove them
Makeup remover is definitely one of the most important parts of the arts of makeup. A good makeup remover is crucial as it ensures that you are sleeping with your skin clean and fresh instead of full of gunk. I'm no expert when it comes to removers(then again, when am I expert in anything? except perhaps, rambling?), but I thought I would like to share my experience with removers. 

So far, I've only tried out 6 removers (not an expert at all!), the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil(which I love), Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover(sort of miss you), Neutrogena Oil-free Eye&Lip Makeup Remover(which I think it's a bit weak), Biore Makeup Remover for Eye&Lip(another love), Biore Cleansing Cotton(harsh harsh), and a Maybelline Face Makeup Remover Gel(I believe this is only available in Mainland China and Hell no!).

The DHC Cleansing Oil deserves all the raves. It gets the job done well, no breakout issues at all, and it's something I'll def repurchase. They say you need 3 pumps to get enough product, but I just need 1.5 pumps to remove a whole face makeup(except eye liners and mascara). I'm being stingy, LOL. Seriously, one pump might not be enough, you'll feel a bit rough when massaging your face, but with 1.5, it's already perfect( at least, that's the case for me, I do have a smaller face though). 

Yes, it feels really greasy when you are massaging the oil on your face, but just wait, when you rinse them all off, you'll feel how clean your skin is. The Oil is not hydrating though, I mean, how hydrating do you expect a cleanser to be? My face feels slightly tightened afterwards. I wonder whether a facial cleanser is necessary after the oil, please tell me if you know. 

I don't like using cleansing oil to get rid of eye liners and mascara though, I just hate the blur vision when using it. And that's what the eye makeup removers are for! For those who doesn't wear makeup very often, it doesn't hurt to get some cleansing oil, they can be great weekly deep cleanser.

a mix of this and that rating: A+(come on! blurrrr vision is universal oil problem!)
Price: HKD154(on sale)

Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover is my very first remover. I just finished it a couple months ago, (haha, I just started makeup about a year ago)It's pretty good actually. It's a oil-free remover that really can remover the waterproof mascara and eyeliners. It gets the job done pretty well without leaving your eyes area greasy or anything like that. Just one thing, it's slightly rough on the eye area though. But I can live with that.

a mix of this and that rating: B+ (if only it's a bit softer)
Price: forgotten

Neutrogena Oil-free Eye&Lip Makeup Remover makes me miss my Rimmel one. I bought it when I was running out of my Rimmel and thinking that Rimmel is a bit strong. But when I started using this Neutrogena, I knew I wasn't being fair on Rimmel. 
Don't get me wrong, Neutrogena does get the job done, but with more effort. I need to wipe back and forth, sometimes even rub, to remove my liner and mascara, waterproof or not. Good thing is, it doesn't feel harsh on the skin, so using it is hardly violence. There's something funny about it. It claims to be oil-free, but there're 2 layers of liquid in the bottle and you need to shake it before use. Also, while it doesn't feel harsh, it feels kinda greasy. How oil-free is oil-free anyway? 

a mix of this and that rating: B- (if only it's less greasy and time-consuming)
Price: HKD69

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye&Lip is currently my favorite, I got it on sale after reading a fabulous review about it from BunBunMakeupTips.com. Then I was in love and I'm still in love. It didn't say anything about oil free in case you are wondering. It's 2 layers of liquid kind of removers. 

It's the perfect combination of the aforementioned Neutrogena and Rimmel. It removes 95% of makeup in just one wipe! I mean, no way you can get everything off in one wipe anything, so 95% is pretty decent. The rest are just some mascara stuck in the lashes, and that kind of stuff. I was really surprised, honestly, it does a better job in terms of removing things. Meanwhile, it's not harsh or greasy at all. It got Rimmel's cleaning ability(or even better) and non-greasy nature, yet also Neutrogena's non-harsh nature. I think I'll get another when I'm done with it. 

a mix of this and that rating: A+ (THE BEST for eyes and lips makeup and the price!)
Price: HKD59.9( on-sale )

Biore Cleansing Cotton is nothing like their  Makeup Remover for Eye&Lip. It does cleans well but gosh, it's violent to use it! I only use it for my face and hell, it's so harsh, I think that's what feels like when you are wiping sand paper of your face. You know what I mean. Whenever I use, I do it quickly and then I rush into the bathroom and put cleansers on my face. No breakout issues. 

a mix of this and that rating: C+ (easy, babe, don't harm my skin)
Price: forgotten

Maybelline Face Makeup Remover Gel is the kind of thing I tried out once and decided, for my own sake, I should never do it again. Even though the Biore Cotton is harsh, I can stand it, but the insanely greasiness of this gel, hell no! I bought it because it says that you don't need to wash your face afterwards and I thought that's a great idea to save time. How wrong was I? It feels like you just put your face into a pool of oil even after sever violent wiping and rubbing with clean tissues. I tried using cleansers to get rid of the grease. Not helping, after 5 times of washing, (crazy, I know), it's only a teeny tiny bit better. I gave up. 

a mix of this and that rating: U (I simply can't stand you! Why would anyone make products like that? It's cruelty!)
Price: forgotten

Also, it breaks me out like crazy too. The next day, I got zits here and there. This is a horrible horrible product that should be banned from shelf.

Here're my thoughts about the makeup removers I've tried. Hope it helps you!


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